Why Cloud-Based Time Attendance is Better Than Conventional methods

Businesses are opting to use cloud-based time attendance systems instead of conventional software-based systems. Cloud-based systems offer a host of functions and features, allowing an increase in productivity and employee management that could never be attained with conventional methods.

The biggest shortcoming of traditional time attendance systems is their inability to provide real-time data from anywhere in the world. With conventional methods, employees clock in and out via the time attendance software that is installed on the office network. Depending on the number of employees, additional licenses may need to be purchased to allow software installation on more than one computer.

With cloud-based time attendance systems, there is no software to install or update, and no required hardware other than the time clocks. While network-based systems can only be accessed from within the workplace, as long as there’s an Internet connection employee data can be accessed anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Cloud-based systems provide employees with multiple clock in options. Systems like uAttend allow employees to record their times via web browsers, smartphones or telephones.

Employee management is also taken to a whole new level as cloud-based systems allow managers to create shifts then assign employees to work during specified time slots. Supervisors can ensure employees are adhering to their schedules by activating the feature that notifies them if an employee clocks in or out outside of their shift.

Along with recording daily shift records, employees can also use cloud-based time attendance software to request time off. Managers are able to review the employee’s previous vacation and sick time before deciding whether to approve or deny the request.

In comparison to software-based systems that may require multiple licenses, cloud-based time attendance systems are more economical. uAttend offers five different membership plans that are designed to suit a company’s size. Small companies with 1-9 employees can experience all that cloud-based services have to offer for just $18/month.

There are no setup costs. uAttend offers one of the most affordable ranges of time clocks. Unlike competitors who charge $500 to $2,000, uAttend’s plug-and-play-ready clocks are available from $100 to $300.

If for any reason you decide the cloud-based time attendance system isn’t meeting your business needs, terminating your membership is as simple as canceling your monthly plan. uAttend will not charge a cancellation fee.

Cloud-based time attendance systems are quickly becoming the future of accurate and efficient employee management. They provide the convenience of having time sheets, vacation and sick leave records and payroll data all in one location.

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